Chipper MAXIM 420 ST/EL is in stationary version which is powered by electric motor, it is specific for lumber-mill use, briquetting plants and pellet plants for wood use, scrub cutting and complete tree trunks.
Chipper is equipped with individual electric motor and switchboard with control. The switchboard contains electric motor starting control, V-belt slip monitoring drive with automatic electric motor switch off, feeding controls with low voltage and operation indication. Furthermore the engine is equipped by individual hydraulic circuit with fluent regulation of pull-in belts feeding. The material is chipped by drum rotor with adjustable knives and pivot blades. The chip size is given by renewable sieves. The individual chipping is operand by electric unit which automatically regulates pulling in material and has congestion control. For pellets plants there is a modification of rotor rotation increase and there is also modified rotor, fine sieves for fine chips production.

Standard equipment: an electric motor 45 kW, a switchboard with machine control, hydraulic circuit with fluent speed regulation of pull-in belts feeding, sieves with holes 30x30 and 50x50 mm

Above standard equipment: an electric motor up to 160 kW power, feeding belt in the length of 3500 mm, modified rotor for fine fraction, sieves according to client´s request, Bluetech – staging ruber conveyor, chipper connection through control unit with production line