Technical parameters

Port size 420x390 mm
Max. diameter of processed material 380 mm
Rotor diameter 600 mm
Rotor speed 1000 rpm
Number of knives 4 pcs
Power demand (from an electric motor) 45 kW
Electric motor speed 988 U/min
Connection to grid 3x400/230V, 160A
Chipper output (chip quantity) 20 - 30 prm/h
Pull-in belts speed 0 - 15 m.min-1
Chip size 5 - 70 mm
Chip size adjustment sieve
Renewable sieves with holes 30x30 and 50x50 mm
Machine length (operating position) 6550 mm
Machine width (operating position) 2200 mm
Machine height (operating position) 1650 mm
Pull-in belt height (operating position) 870 mm
Machine weight 3750 kg
Input voltage for electronic and control =12 V
Hydraulic oil contents 40 l
Lubricant grease Mogul LV 2-3
Acoustic power level of Lwa 117 dB
Electric control of pull-in material
Special device on client´s request
Diesel engine
Remote control
Multiple number of knives in a rotor
Hydraulic controlled tilting belt with pull-in belt
Top pull-in belt with hydraulic pressure
Hydraulic arm
Abroll frame
Container for chip on abroll frame
Yes  No  It is possible, but we do not recommend