Chipper MAXIM 620 is a machine specified for processing of after timber mining remains; timber mills waste, building timber, pallets, railroad sleeps and whole tree trunks. In the standard design the machine is powered by output tractor shaft drive through belt gear with pneumatic clutch. The clutch controls fluent start of the chipper and during electric operation it is used for the fast disconnection of the drive while sudden rotor jams.

The chipper is equipped with individual hydraulic circuit which operates pull-in belts and all the machine functions. The chipper is controlled through remote control with electric unit which has congestion control. In the machine there is a drum rotor installed with adjustable knives and pivot blades. The chip size is given by renewable sieves.
The chipper has its own chassis with max. Speed limit up to 40 kph, there are air brakes and there is the possibility to connect a trail for chips disposal.

Standard equipment: chassis up to 40 kph, jointed shaft with friction clutch, control electronics, hydraulic circuits with fluent speed regulation of pull-in belts feeding, sieves with holes 30x30 and 50x50 mm

Above standard equipment: chimney extensity, sieves according to client´s request, modified rotor for fine chip production, top pull-in belts with hydraulic pressure