The peak product of our company is a chipper MAXIM 850 with hydraulic arm and with a tipping container
(18 m3) on a chassis with tandem axle 80 kph (ABS). This machine is mainly used for processing of wood material along municipal roads together with container system ABROLL.

The merits of the product and its combination: The machine moves along the roadside with only one mechanic, the chips are put into individual container (18 m3). There is no need to use another truck. Containers ABROLL are placed on a parking place out of the road. The container is tipped at the height of 3500mm straight to a parked container ABROLL (36 m3). This solution makes the movement of the technology and workers easier in order to protect from danger on the roads (mainly the 1st type roads and the motorways), it simplifies material transloading. It also shows the provable output of 80 prm of chips per hour.

This machine was delivered to a company:
Westerdor 2
237 69 Puttgarden