AMD Konstrukt s.r.o. (Ltd)

Company AMD Konstrukt s.r.o. (Ltd) is a family company established in the year 2004. It has used previous experience in its work with development and production of chipper which started in the first half of the 90s. The machines are still being innovated and adapt to our clients. Our aim is to make the work for the operator easier and also in very comfort environment. The machines have gone through demanding testing and they meet the highest demands for the work in harsh conditions.


1993 – 2003
In the year 1993 there is the start of a close cooperation with Mr. Jaromir Divis with Mr. Miroslav Prochazka (Ing.) who developed a chipper for a German client in previous years. The machines went through further development. At first the company starts to produce chippers only for a German client – Mr. George Weiss – Hama Schechen. Later on there is a new introduction of chippers to Czech market under business name „Chippers Tomahawk“.

A company AMD Konstrukt s.r.o. (Ltd) was established and a new brand „Chipper MAXIM“ was introduced to a market.

Innovation of a chipper MAXIM 420. The developer since then is led by the couple Mr. Jaromir and Miroslav Divis.

The start of a new development and further production of stationary version
MAXIM 420 ST/EL, our best sold machine in the year 2008.

The start up of cooperation with Finnish company Kesla Oyj. Expansion in sale and service of forest technology Kesla.

During the summer there is the start in development of conceptually new chipper
MAXIM 1270.

A new chipper from a new series MAXIM 1270 is introduced to a market, concretely it is a type MAXIM 1270 HR. At the same time chippers MAXIM 650 and MAXIM 850 are being innovated.

Na trh uveden další štěpkovač z nové inovované řady MAXIMů,
konkrétně jde o typ MAXIM 850 HR. Pokračuje inovace štěpkovače MAXIM 650.